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New approach to digital product problem solving


The Challenge had begun to lose focus on who their online service is built for and, without this common understanding, what features and content were required. They invited Agilty in Mind to facilitate a digital product kick-off workshop to help them get back on track.

Agility in Mind brought key stakeholders together to draw focus back to users and assess the benefits they seek in using

Our Approach

We started by aligning attendees to a set of clear business outcomes and then ran a number of creative product-ideation exercises to help explore how they could be met. This led to the development of a common vision, with clearly defined outcomes for the business and its users that was agreed on by all.

Whilst this session brought back a sense of who the service was for, why it is valued and how would continue its commercial innovation, its effect was much broader than gaining consensus. It was the basis of a new approach to solving problems for the digital leadership teams.

We were able to use our expertise to help the attendees consider how to realise the new vision, thinking through the approaches they would need to take with their teams to get started on bringing it to life.

The results achieved from the session had a direct impact on how the product was built, how teams worked and also led to increased confidence in product success.

Product guided aligned to clear outcomes

Increased confidence in product success


Today, has a new sense of direction: business priorities are translated into product features which support iterative product development and have contributed to new thinking around content creation. The clear outcomes from the new vision provided the basis of traceability through to the product and engineering teams and led to greater alignment and collaboration with users and business stakeholders.

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