PSM Training March (2017-03-23)

PSM Training March 23rd – 24th,  2017

Details of our PSM training March course listed below:

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psm training march


The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) is a certified Scrum training course for those who wish to become a certified Scrum master.  This two-day course provides information and tools that students can use to ensure that Scrum is understood and enacted well by their team. The course covers Scrum basics, including the framework, mechanics, and roles of Scrum. It also teaches how to use Scrum to optimise value, productivity, and the total cost of ownership of software products.

Students learn through instruction and team-based exercises, and are challenged to think on their feet to better understand what to do when they return to their workplaces. The lessons are applicable to anyone in a role that supports agile software development team’s efficiency, effectiveness and continual improvement.

Attending this training includes one free attempt at the PSM I assessment, leading to an industry-recognised certification.


PSM training March at London Bridge Training Centre

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Classroom sizes vary between 8 and 12 students depending on the classroom capacity and demand. Breakfast is provided on arrival, a full lunch and coffee breaks throughout the day.

Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Duncan Evans

Your Professional Scrum Trainer

Duncan is an experienced and qualified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST). He draws on many years of practical experience as an agile project manager and scrum master.   He has a proven track record for delivering high quality products, using these skills to help others build better products as a consultant, coach and trainer.  Duncan has successfully achieved PSMI, PSMII, PSMIII, PSPOI, PSPOII and PST Professional Scrum certificates and is well qualified in making sure that delegates have a thorough understanding of the course material in order to achieve success themselves. Read more of Duncan’s reflective insights into the world of agile coaching and agile training.

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